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Taking Part:

Ways to take part

There are lots of different ways you can take part in organisations and communities. Your local youth service should know about formal, structured opportunities, like Youth Action Committees, or reference groups.
Formal and informal

Formal ways to get involved in organisations or communities are by becoming members of advisory boards and committees. These are groups that involve young people in making decisions for a community or organisation. They are great opportunities, but they are only not the only option for getting involved.

For example, you may prefer to take part in more informal stuff – like activities or programs that are based around interests or hobbies, learning skills or just having fun. Think arts and music, sports and games, and useful talents like gardening and cooking. Your local youth service is a good place to start to find these opportunities.

Different ways to take part

Here are some quick examples of some different ways to take part in communities or orgnisations:

  • Advisory or reference groups (also known as Youth Councils or Youth Action Committees) – groups that offer advice to a local council or an organisation
  • Consultations – giving your views about an issue
  • 'Co-design' - working with older people to design a project, event, or piece of research.
  • 'Co-production' - working in equal partnership with older people to plan, deliver and review services for young people.
  • Collective action – when young people and adults work together to achieve common goals, sharing powerand decision making.
  • Decision making groups
  • Interest or hobby groups – either online or offline.

Interested in one of these but don’t know where to start? You can contact your local youth service for help.

What you can do now

What you can do now

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