For Young People

Get Support:

Using local youth services

If you’re looking for new opportunities in your area, there are experts who’ll be happy to help – your local youth services. Most local councils provide these services. There are also a number of youth-focused community organisations located around the state.

Local youth services are your experts on what’s happening in your area for young people. They provide programs and projects for young people and they will have great contacts for other organisations and groups that provide activities and support.

Council youth services

Most councils in Victoria provide youth services. To find out what’s in your area, first find your local council. Then click onto their website and look for ‘Youth’ or ‘Youth services’ section. Or just give them a call and ask to be put through to the youth services team.

Victorian Rural Youth Services (VRYS)

VRYS is a project of the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria, and can put you in touch with youth services that support Victoria’s rural communities.

More local services

Some youth services sepcialise in supporting different groups of young people, or young people with certain needs. They have different sites or projects across Victoria. They include:

  • CMY (Centre for Multicultural Youth) – services and advocacy for young people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds.  
  • Headspace - health advice, support and info for young people who are going through a tough time.
  • YSAS - programs and services for young people (12-21) experiencing problems with alcohol or drugs.

If you’re in Melbourne CBD, Frontyard provide a number of services that support young people’s physical, social, and emotional needs.

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