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Celebrating the journey

From starting the planning to finishing the evaluation, a campaign, project, event or activity is a journey. You should always take time to celebrate along the way!

Celebrate by welcoming new members to your group, gaining media coverage, or achieving a planned goal. Every ‘win’ is worth celebrating – no matter how small you think it is. Take time to regularly reflect on the great stuff you’ve achieved – it will remind you of why you’re doing what you’re doing!

There are lots of different ways you can celebrate your achievements. Here are a few ideas:

  • Art or craftwork – create a group mural, painting, collage, craft work or installation.
  • Awards ceremony – present prizes or certificates to people who have been involved.
  • Blog or website – create a special online space to celebrate and record what you’ve achieved.
  • Conference – bring people together to speak about your issue or topic.
  • Exhibition – display artwork, photography, or craft that relates to your project or event.
  • Forum –discuss ideas and network with other, like-minded people.
  • Gig – invite bands, DJs or comedians to provide music/comedy to celebrate your achievements.
  • Launch – celebrate the opening of your project, or the launch of something you’ve created.
  • Media event – hold a special briefing for media representatives to talk about your issue, campaign, event or project.
  • Open day / evening – invite people to look around your space or project venue (if you have one).
  • Publication – of a report, research or resource.
  • Party – have a party!
  • Panel / Q&A– invite a panel of people to speak about your issue or topic and take questions from an audience.
  • Performance – perform music, drama, poetry or dance.
  • Social media – publicise what you’ve achieved through social media.
  • Song– write a song or piece of music.
What you can do now

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