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How to get experience

Getting some experience with an organisation or group can help you learn some new skills, meet new people and make new contacts.

If you want to get more of an understanding about how to tackle a particular issue or cause, it can pay to get some experience with an organisation that works in that space.

 Types of experience
  • Work placements – short temporary roles that give you a taste of a particular organisation or role.
  • Internships – longer, temporary roles that also offer on-the-job training.
  • Observation – where you visit an employer or place of business to watch what happens, but not take part.
  • Work shadowing – where you follow (and usually help) someone who does a particular job.
  • Volunteer work – where you give up your time to support a particular activity or event.

Be proactive – email or phone the HR (Human Resources) department of a company or organisation where you’d like to gain experience and ask them if they have any spaces available.

It’s often people you know who can be the most help in finding experience. Tell as many people as possible you’re looking for experience – talk to friends, family members and friends of friends and family members!

What you can do now

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