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Why it Matters:

5 reasons to get involved

Getting involved is getting active. Take action to be part of something meaningful. Or just hang out to meet new people and learn new stuff. Getting involved in a project, campaign, group or event (or starting your own) is a fun way to shake things up.
Here are 5 reasons to get involved:
1. Make a difference
  • Use your energy and ideas to represent yourself and your friends, and improve your local community.
  • Have your voice heard and influence decisions.
  • Become part of something meaningful and make a better world.
2. Have new experiences
  • Keep life interesting with new challenges.
  • Get a fresh perspective by trying different things.
  • Find new things you enjoy doing and are good at.
3. Learn new skills or develop talents
  • Learn new skills or techniques.
  • Develop things you know or think you’d be good at.
  • Build your knowledge of a particular issue, area or industry.
4. Improve career opportunities
  • Gain experience and skills to help choose a career, get into TAFE or uni, and find a job.
  • Network and build professional connections.
  • Find new opportunities and take control of your future.
5. Meet new people or hang out with friends
  • Get more connected and broaden your social network.
  • Make new friends and feel part of something different.
  • Friends already involved in something? Join in and hang out with them more!
What you can do now
  • Visit The Exchange to find groups of young people who are getting involved in local decison-making.

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