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Fundraising through grants and sponsorship

A grant is an amount of money given by a government, business or philanthropic organisation for a specific purpose. Sponsorship acknowledges a business for their support, including in any promotion you do for your project, activity or event.
Fundraising through grants

A number of grants are available to organisations who involve young people, or want to invovle them. Depending on the rules of the grant, you can ask for money to fund a project, event or activity. It’s not a loan – there’s nothing to pay back and no fees or interest to pay. But you will have to be show how the money has been used.

To receive a grant, you’ll need to complete a funding application (usually a form) to explain your proposal and the costs involved. Be aware that funding is usually given to organisations, not to individuals.

Tips for completing funding applications
  • Funding bodies have different guidelines about who can apply for a grant. Do your research and check with the funding organisation if you’re unsure.
  • Read the funding application form carefully before you start filling it out – pay attention to deadlines and guidelines.
  • Answer questions using simple, clear language.
  • Show how your proposal is in line with the values and goals of the funding organisation (you can research this on their website).
  • You might need to apply to several funding organisations as your first application may not be successful. It’s good to have a backup plan in case you don’t get the grant.
Where to find grants

There are a number of different places you can search for grants, including:

In Victoria, different community grants are also available through:

National grant-making foundations include:

Information about Australian Government grants can be found at GrantsLINK. And there’s a quick guide to key community grant links at the Parliament of Victoria website.

Victorian Government Grants
  • Be Heard! Community Radio Program – provides funding up to $5,000 to community radio stations in rural and regional Victoria to increase the participation of 12-25 year olds in producing and broadcasting radio programs.
  • Engage! – funding for organisations to help 12-25 year olds participate in, and benefit from, civic, economic and social activities in their community.
  • FReeZA– supports 12-25 year olds to develop affordable and accessible music and arts events.
  • HEY grants– support organisations to work with same-sex attracted and/or sex/gender diverse (SSASGD) young people (aged 14-25 years).
  • Shape It!– a Victorian Government initiative to give young people in rural and regional areas a chance to better connect with and shape their communities.
  • Local Government Youth Inclusion Grants- available to local governments in rural and regional Victoria to support youth advisory committees, youth councils, summits, consultations and meetings.
  • National Youth Week–grants for events that celebrate and recognise the contribution of young Victorians to their community.
Business or corporate sponsorship

There are a number of large businesses and corporations that offer their own grant programs.

You may find you have more success approaching family-owned or local businesses – they can make decisions themselves rather than having to go through a national office.

Depending on the business, you could ask them to provide equipment, gift vouchers or catering instead of asking for money. Or you could ask for sponsorship, where you acknowledge the business for their support, including in any promotion you do for your project, activity or event.

Do it yourself

Grants aren’t the only way to raise money. You can do your own fundraising by asking people to sponsor you for taking part in activity or paying for entrance to an event. Internet crowdfunding is becoming a popular way to raise money for projects.

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